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The Ego Album


Only Girl 01:15
Mother Will 06:18
Chains grow chastened. You're on your own. Chains grow. Fragmented love. You don't need to analyze. You don't need an insight. You don't, you're already done. Someday my mother will die. Bending my ways to be more tempting, I maintain. I maintain. And we wait, we wait for what is waiting for us.
Feed My Ego 07:19
Feed my ego, feed my ego. Feed my ego, feed my ego, feed my ego, feed my ego-ego. Let's get some more vodka. Russian vitamins. Russian vitamins. Russian vitamins, russian vitamins, russian vitamins ohh. I am the whole Chinese people, and Yu-Gong can move mountains. What are we talking about the whole time? Draw! Psst. Draw, see! Numb your ideals, or simply numb your teeth. In my mouth it anyway it's all gone all rotten. Never sleep, all is lies. Never sleep, all is lies and powdered pleasure. I am 6 meters tall and everything is important. I am 9 meters tall and everything is important. I am 12 meters tall and everything is inconceivable! Numb your ideals, numb your ideals, numb your ideals...
Persuasion 08:56
Persuasion, persuasion. Gotta get some. Look at me I touch your breast. Look at me I touch your knees. And I persuade you. Like always, I persuade you. Persuasion, gotta get some. Look at me I touch your head. I say the words and you go to bed. My sister and my mother, my father and my son, do everything I want, with persuasion. Now there's lots of ways to persuade you. I could do it with money. I could look at you. I could show you all that you might as well do it anyway. You might as well choose to play the game. After all, you've seen yourself before. What difference does it make if I take your photograph? What difference does it make if someone else sees it too? All your friends do it, I mean, nobody will know it's you. Anybody, it could be anybody. I mean, these magazines, you know, they only go to middle-aged men. So why don't you do what I suggest? I persuade you. With words, I persuade you. Got a little biscuit tin to keep your panties in. Soiled panties, white panties, school panties, y-front panties. By the canal, I persuade you. Persuasion, like always, I persuade you. Look at me. Look at me. There's a certain word and a certain touch, a certain way, and a way too much. There's a little bit here and a little bit there, and when you've done it all it's too late to care. Look in my eyes. Under your covers I touch you and tell you what to do. Do it because I tell you. Do it because I love you, and I persuade you.
Silence is golden, your presence is perfect. Abstain from the limelight, your face won't be fitted. Fitted to the box, feeder to the larks. Fettered by the innocuous, saturated sparks. And all these populated parking lots, and dog shit on your shoes. Getting paid to pay your dues, and witless ones to rule. Getting paid to pay your dues, dues. Falsified, your needs denied attention, affection. Consequently seethe, intentions breed odd dimensions.


released July 4, 2013


all rights reserved



FETTER Amsterdam, Netherlands

oozy noise-pop to dance and weep to

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